Are Online Poker Sites Fair Or Rigged

The online poker sites would have you believe that their software is fair for all players. In fact many of the online poker rooms run advertisements on television during the tournaments saying things like “ is the best poker room on the internet. Anyone can win on Card”. When asked about the fairness of poker sites, most of the poker rooms are lazy and defiantly do not want you to press the issue. There is a small mountain of Evidence that suggests that online poker is rigged, however the keptics claim it is not. One question that I ask myself is “If it is fair, why do the poker rooms have algorithms in their software that seem tomake it slightly profitable for certain players?” The reason that the online poker sites use algorithms is so that the inexperienced players lose all their money to the better players. The poker rooms know that if a player loses to a fish, than the player is less likely to play at the table again. Of course, that these poker algorithms are there is not really the issue, the issue is that a player can win consistently at a particular game and subsequently go off to hold absolutely nothing concerning poker, Poker is a game of skill and luck combined together. If you truly want to win at poker, than you are going to have to get a little bit of luck mixed into your game. You need to get a good head on your shoulders and realize that the same people are going to be around the table every day. Do not believe in luck, I certainly do not and I am sure that you are not going to convince yourself that it is actually true. If you want to be a better poker player you need to be informed of the fact that online gaming sites can be rigged, and controlled by a computer. When a computer program is writing the cards, it is in a programmed role, and the cards are there to predict the probability of the game. The problem is that the programs are not always accurate in their predictions, which means that the online poker is not rigged, it is fixed, the cards are there to counter the probable hand that your opponent is holding. The sense of being cheated hurts the heart more than you can imagine. The online gaming industry is a regulated one, Poker Stars and Party Poker have security staff and experts that look into the software to see if there are any suspicious patterns. If anything unusual was noticed it would result in penalties and perhaps banning of the offending player accounts. The poker rooms are reviewed by the gambling commission and their software is well studied. The Remove Your Arsenal Poker review explains how their software works and how you can tell if they are programmed to make it appear as though the game is rigged. “It should be impossible to predict what cards will come out next,” says Mark Penn, casino and poker software specialist. “That’s just impossible. But I can tell you that when I play I play the cards I dealt give me a sense of having control.” If you suspect cheating you can click on the suspicious software file and see the visual clues left by the programs.%”?’ mark the suspicious file, Poker Stars will warn you and ask you to click on the Verify Download button, which tells you that the file you are downloading is legit. The last thing you want is some smart computer hacker going after your poker bankroll. It’s better to deal with a reputable online poker room using the use of electronic cash like MoneyBookers. “We have proofread the eBook thoroughly and we are very happy with it,” says Mark Penn. “It shows how you can winpez your legal winnings.”