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Betting Professor System

Did you know that the betting professor is a profitable system to use for sports bettors that really works? Some of the biggest bonuses are offered to people by betting professor and if you’re a sports bettor who likes to place a lot of bets, you could be in for a big surprise. The sports betting professor has the potential to make you much more money than other betting softwares even though it is a soft betting system that can cause you to lose money! The betting professor system uses logic to help you win your bets and avoid losing as many of them as possible. This is no does not mean that you place one hundred bets and wait for everything to fall into place. This is a does not mean you bet on every game, in fact you should try to avoid betting on every game, except in the case of one of your favorite teams. The reason why the sports betting professor works is because it has been proven time and time again in professional sports betting that a betting system that tends to work over a consistent basis will beat the majority of the time. Of course, you will not win all of the time, but if the betting professor system consistently brings in the money, you will be able to cover your losses with a profit. Often professional bettors who like to bet on sports roll the dice for a little while, and then bet on a few games every Sunday. By betting on only a few games every week, they are able to make consistent profits, but it is important to bet on the right games. Most professionals will bet on the same 8 to 10 games every week. The best way to profit from betting is to bet objectively. This is often difficult to do when you are betting on games that your favorite team is playing in. Your bias as a fan will force you to make bets that will be in the beginning, but your knowledge as a bettor forces you to bet on games that are against your favorite team. To bet objectively, you should bet on these games. If you are able to bet against your favorite team, that proves to be a smart bet. This proves that you can bet objectively and do research. This is the most important element in sports betting. The betting professor system proves to be a consistent winner if you bet consistently. This is the most important element of betting. If you do not bet, you will surely lose in the long run. As long as you do betting regularly, you will have a system that will bring you consistent profits. The betting professor’s simple formula to profit from kartupoker betting is a great betting system that you can use to win consistently. This is a simple system that does not require a lot of work on your part to use. You can even do the betting professor trick on games that your favorite team is playing in and win. The best thing about this betting system is that it will work for any sport that you bet on. You do not need to be a basketball or a football player to make money. If you can even bet on baseball, you will be able to win money consistently with the betting professor. Once you start using this system, you will see that it leads to at least a 50/50 of winning bets every time, so you do not have to always bet on your favorite team to win. No matter what sport you bet on, you will have a 50-50 chance of winning.

The Roulette

The great Blaise Pascal,Irish born French mathematician who lived in the 17th century, invented a betting device. This new creation, called the roulette or the game of chance, is the source of glamour and excitement in casinos. Ever since then, this game has gone on to become an important gaming across the world. This decade began in the yeararat, roulette and berrelevant gambling were introduced in Georgia, then theclaimed jackpot in the yearly pulsating Euro millions wagering lots of money. The company “Athena Christophers”, owners of the Atlanta based company “Balisoft” created a new concept andue to mark the company’s presence in the market. The so called chestie bets is a method of placing multiple bets on the same shark. More precisely this method is available in the so called “Tiers” betting method. The chestie bet is placed on Poker88, either red or black, odd or even and the position of the chip can be anywhere between these two bets. Chances of the winning black, odd, even or high or low combination cannot exceed 45.7 percent. The highest payout for this bet is seen to be around 97 percent of the time. This can be a considerable amount of money when it comes to online casinos. The name of this method wasoisotto. The players place their bets on the extent of the shark’s range. Theoutside shark is not scared of the numbers as far as the player is not placing his bet on the numbers. The opposite is, the shark is scared of the player. If the player is aggressive, the shark will test the waters first to see if the player has more money. If the player is consistent with his bets, the shark will pounce on the one that is consistent. When playing the game, the player is advised to place his bet after the wheel has been spun. However, there are some casinos that ask the players to bet after the wheel has stopped. This is advantageous to the players as they get to see before they bet. The method is simple, the player places his bet, the casino spins the wheel and after the ball drops, the casino tells the player when to bet. The player places his bet after the ball drops. All the winning chances and the players can bet on the same number. This is a very simple method. However, like everything else in playing the game, this method has its own risks. The “Reverse Roulette” system that I have learned from Matusow constraints is a good method of reducing the casino advantage and balancing winning possibilities with those of your available funds. The idea is to bet on the areas that have a lower house edge and have a greater probability of winning. The idea is to place your bets on those numbers or areas a casino either misses or has not done the required chic in covering. Whenever a casino does not cover an area, the players have a greater chance of winning, provided that the online casino has not fixed the numbers. I might advise the players to be wary of this and not to rush to bet on everything that comes across their desk. Do take time to consider your chances and your betting options. Let the game guide you and wait for your turn to win.

No Deposit Poker Bonuses

If you are looking for some no deposit poker bankrolls, you has a variety of options. All of these will require that you sign up via an affiliate that will receive a share of your rake back during that bonus month. However, I am assuming that you would rather receive your free money the easy way, and never have to make a deposit. Let’s examine each of these options further, and talk to you about what the best, and perhaps most enticing offer is out there. Credit Bonuses One of the most attractive offers out there has to be credit bonuses. Many of the websites that are out there to casino players offer an attractive bonus when you deposit money into your account. Much of the popularity in online gambling can be attributed to this, as many players are able to take the risk of depositing money virtually risk free in the hopes of being able to earn even more money later on. The bonus will require that you meet certain terms, and will be used as your bonus. Some of the websites that offer bonuses will ask you to submit a casino account as well as credit card details. The catch with this is that you will be unable to withdraw your winnings until you have received your bonus. At least you can withdraw the money that you have won, but not much more. Wire Transfers Wire money to your online gambling account directly from a bank. This is usually free, but you will have to wait until you have at least $50 in your account to start playing. A lot of wire money sites offer the same amount of deposit, but some are much more generous. Already, you should be able to find an online casino that will allow you to use your wire money. If you are looking for free money, you might want to check out some of the online casino bonuses offered by Wire Transfer. Citadel Citadel is the site that started in 1999, and offers current players a nice deposit bonus of up to $1,000 instantly. There is also a redeemable points offer of up to 60,000 for all users who open an account with the casino. The amount of money that you can withdraw is limited, however, and the minimum number of deposit needed is very high. Compared to other sites, this is one of the best deals. Loyalty Bonuses Loyalty bonuses are also known as reload bonuses, and are offered to current players by many of the online casinos. There’s also usually always a limit of about $200 that you can take out, though. Reload bonuses are basically instant bonuses, though. You don’t need to meet any requirements, and can just press “add funds” and it will be yours. There are restrictions on how often you can withdraw the bonus money, though. But if you’re a loyal player, you can earn loyalty bonuses all the time. No Deposit Poker Bonuses No deposit bonuses are rarer and harder to find. But if you’re really into dominobet and not just playing a lot of poker, you might want to give free money to you. This isn’t very common as most people don’t give a shot to online casinos. But there are a handful of online casinos that offer a no deposit bonus where you can give free money to play with. They still require that you generate rake or play in real money games before you can withdraw the money. So as you can see, online poker is a great way to build an bankroll and to earn some extra income. And if you were wondering, the money doesn’t have to be from your actual job. Online poker bonuses are greatest no deposit bonus poker, so that you can play without as much risk to your own bankroll. Which also explains why it’s hard to find no deposit poker bonuses, because most people aren’t making money online.

How to Make Money Playing Blackjack

Money games are unique in that respect. You have the opportunity to wager real cash, rather than points or fake cash. This allows you to play games like blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and others that you would simply not do in a ‘play’ mode. This mode would restrict you to the selection of games available in the casino. This is really an important aspect of the game, as it allows you to shop around for the best value of entertainment money can buy. Before you sign up, examine the website and ensure that there are not any second deposit restrictions, like there are some second deposit bonuses that virtually banning players from doing their second deposit. Once you begin to gamble, the fun really begins. You will begin to make money at games, and by really taking your time and analyzing the table you are sitting at, you will begin to spot patterns and pick your games wisely. This is the art of counting cards, and knowing when to get serious and when to quit. The good news is that if you are good at math, you will be able to do this at a much faster rate than the speed of thought. Playing blackjack is almost a pure game of mathematics. If you know the rules, and can follow them, you will know when to stand and when to hit. Unlike other games where there are elements of skill, in blackjack, it is simply a matter of mathematics. Of course, counting cards has also been outlawed at many lapak303. Because of this fact, it is highly important that you learn to follow the color codes of the table before you sit at the table. The best way to do this is to look at the dealer’s card. It will usually have a number after it, which indicates how many decks of cards are in play. You can then cross out the ‘naturals’ or the cards that have been played. To figure out your odds of winning, you must first determine if you have a better or worse chance of winning than the person next to you. You are trying to find a positive expectation, which is a situation where you have a greater chance of winning than what the person next to you is doing. Often, if the people next to you are strangers, you can acquire some of the practice of playing and winning within a few hands. The idea is to literally ‘ratch the slate’ so to speak, and this involves thoroughly learning all there is to know about the rules before you actually placing your money at risk. Once you have learned and practice the rules, you will have a great idea of what you are doing, and why you are doing it. You will know when you have a greater chance of winning, and when you are likely to lose. This is the serious side of gambling, and the only way to do it well is to learn the methodology and methods of each game. The bottom line is that you should not gamble with money you are too tight to place a bet with. Make sure you enjoy yourself before doing so, or you may well end up cleaning your pocket. Secondly, you need to make sure the game you are playing is one you are comfortable with. Tight games will not make you rethink the way you pull the trigger or move your mouse, unless you are coincidentally hitting the pot. However, the excitement of winning and the rush of adrenaline you experience when you turn your cards face up is something that can stay with you longer than any other memory. Playing when you have a good feeling about the outcome can keep you in the pot longer, and make you feel like the pro you are, even if you are running a bluff. While there are never any guarantees in a game of craps, you can significantly improve your chances of winning by honing your skills and strategies. Run a basic strategy, like the Roulette operate, and you will soon discover you are walking away with an edge. While the game looks daunting and confusing at first, loosening up your pace with small bets and making a few well-timed distractions can turn the tide in your favor. If you want to know more about the game of craps, a quick read at the Internet gambling front. If you would like to win more money when playing craps, check out some of the best online bonuses.

Pick 4 Strategy System – Does Making Money With Pick 4 Staking Plan Needed?

The recent popularity of the Pick 4 Lottery caught the attention of many Visual Learners as they have been able to take their chance of winning to add to their current financial problems. Some folks who have been playing the lottery purely for fun and matching only their loose change for years now are slowly starting to get serious about making playing the Pick 4 lottery a business for themselves. After years of researching and planning, some of these strategies have finally been able to turn a profit for themselves and at the same time beat theespecially challenging Pick 4 lotto. While some folks stick with their favorite numbers, there are also other ways to mix and match the four digits to get a numerical sequence that would guarantee a winning ticket every time. Obviously, some would advise them to stick with their numbers as they have been winning those alone, but some suggest they add a bit of variety to up their chances for winning. At the risk of sounding repetitive, there are several ways to successfully choose a set of Pick 4 numbers that will generate random matching combinations. With the random number generator, you can get your lucky digits straight from the computer. It is as simple as selecting the “quick pick” option from the play slip or purchase. The computer will randomly provide you with a play slip with the digits and the winning number combination for the next day’s draw. In order to generate a play slip with the same number and combination, you have to do some search on the internet. The “quick pick” option from the play slip or purchase also works, but with the truth that Pick 4 Strategy cards have brought to light, it is not the most secure of solutions. The ones published in various guides are generally of very good quality as well as produced by the same team of analyst and authors who provide the tips for the lottery winners. To download the lottery strategy cards, you have to go to the website of the Pick 4 System Lottery Association and choose the relevant category for your lottery. You will then receive a link to the members’ only section, from where you can easily access the downloadable version of their lottery strategy e-book. One of the best features of the Pick 4 Strategy cards is that they can be downloaded in Adobe Acorn, .pdf, and .sit and install without the need of having to visit any website for the content. .sit is a simple cross browser eBook reader software that will allow you to view the contents of the PDF file. Online access to lottery strategy e-books is not restricted to the ones written for the Afapoker Lottery games. All the e-books published online are lottery general guides and do not give advice on how to play specific lotto games. However, some of the websites specifically written for the Texas Lottery games offer lottery strategies and tips for the most common lottery games such as the Texas Two Step, Pick 3, and Pick 4 games. One of the reasons that the Texas Lottery games are so popular is because the games are fairly easy to play. All you need to do is to pick six numbers from 1 to 53 and arrange them in any order. With a little more luck, the chances of winning the Texas Lottery games are highly possible.

Roulette Odds

Roulette is typically played with a pocket or inside straight up bet. In order to win you need the ball to land on any one of the numbers in your pocket. Roulette is a game of probability. The probability for the ball landing on a given number is 1 is over 37/1 the American roulette wheel. This does not mean the ball will never land on that number, it only means the chances of the ball landing on that number are 37-1. You need to know the odds of the ball landing on a number in order to value your bet against that number. There are a total of 37 numbers on the American roulette wheel, however you only have one chance to hit, meaning your odds are 37-1. The European roulette wheel however has one less slot, only having thirty six numbers. This changes your odds to 36-1, which is slightly better. However, the European wheel is slightly harder to find. One is also available that has only thirty seven numbers. The odds of the ball landing in a given number are 36-1, you need to have at least 37-1 on the table in order to have a profit. This means that you would have to bet each number at least 37-1 times in order to make a profit. Don’t bet on numbers that do not appear on the table. It is called the inside wheel, and you should only bet on numbers inside the table. The outside wheel is not as good as the inside wheel, and is simply aAverage. You can bet on numbers that are both inside and outside the table, but only if they appear on the wheel. Theoutside betwill actually give you a higher payout, but only up to a maximum of 35-1. Any number that is not an even money bet will immediately return you some money. An even money bet has a payout of 1 and will give you a 35-1 payout if the ball lands on that number. A bet that is made on odd, even, red, or black that is an inside straight will still give you a payout of 1 but will not give you a 35-1 payout, because the payout for an even money bet is a little lower. This means that bets made on numbers inside the table will payout a lot more than bets made on numbers outside the table. Do not be discouraged by the smaller payouts. Although a smaller payout is not as satisfying as a huge payout, you can still come out ahead by playing smarter than everyone else. If you stick to a budget, you will not lose too much money by taking more chances. The inside straight bet is simple and easy to do. Bet on one of the numbers that appear in the table. If you hit, you double your money. And if you do not hit, you only lose half your money back. But if you double your money, you will have a much better chance of doubling your winnings. This inside straight bet is one of the most popular bets. If you know a lot about the game, you might win a lot more often than others. This is because you have a lot more information about the game than other players. The more you know, the better you can play. Player patterns reveal themselves, when you can predict a pattern and crack the Vegas poker code. Just understand, you need to read the texture of the flop to win a pokerbo hand. After you understand the odds, you need to consider the various possibilities at the table. There is a study that indicates that skillful players win more than chance players. And statistical studies show that once you make errors, they stay away. But if you still want to try, play the double straight bet. It is very popular and also very effective. It requires only one color, and if ball lands on the same color, you win the twice as much as a single straight bet.

Las Vegas Winners Guide to Saving $100,000 – Minimizing Risk

Describing someone as a dream opponent is something we often hear about in our day to day life. It’s much more common than having a daunting opponent in poker, for example. But what about in sports? How many people achieve (or lack success) in everything they attempt? More than 90% of people who play the lottery actually win about three out of every five times. Based on that success, you can easily understand why so many people value the dewapoker. It’s quite possible they choose the same numbers each week without any rhyme or reason, yet still manage to save hundreds of thousands of dollars per year by playing the quick pick method. If you haven’t saved that much money, it means you have one major obstacle in your path. Avoiding that obstacle is the key to saving lots of money over time. The first major obstacle is to understand the numbers, odds, and probability of becoming a millionaire over the course of a year. That’s an easy task, once you learn how to do it. Once you understand just how numbers are picked, the next problem becomes one of follow-up. That’s when you need to understand how you can win again, if you hit the big one. The best way to approach that challenge is to pick your major numbers based off of trends. By noting a trend in the past, you’ll have a better idea of how to pick them again. Doing that will also improve your odds greatly. But, of course, there’s no such thing as a sure bet. After all, there are hundred of thousands of people that use the same numbers each week. You have to minimize your risk, and maximize your chances of winning. If you make some minor adjustments to your numbers, you can dramatically increase yours chances of winning a prize. The only way to do that is to understand the numbers, and how they work. Only then can you determine the best numbers to be used. Most people understand the difficulty of winning a major prize. Although, they don’t realize just how difficult it is to win a million dollars. But, they can start to realize that as soon as they hit that hundred thousand dollar mark, their next million only takes seconds to happen. Once they hit that milestone, they realize that their playing system needs to change, or they are going to continue to lose money. They make the necessary changes, and then start picking better numbers. They understand now that they need to become a bit more aggressive in their playing. Thankfully, as they change their mindset into a more aggressive one, they discover they are more likely to hit the big one. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people that fail at winning the major prize in the Fantasy 5 lotto. Instead of nudging pennies, they try to buy more tickets. Instead of raising their chances, they increase their costs. They chase the big prize by breaking their budget. When they win, and they do win, they use their winnings to buy more tickets in hopes of winning again. For some, they break down and buy 2 tickets a week from 8 different retailers. Just like the majority of lottery players that use Quick Pick, they scratch to see what they have and then hope they get a high return on their investment. The overall objective of this method is to increase your odds of winning money. You really can’t go wrong with trying to fix a 33% chance of winning. A percentage of 6 out of 1000 is about the only accurate percentage that comes out. By increasing the odds, you increase your chances of winning. The problem is that you can never know exactly what numbers will be the ones picked, so it’s typical to win a prize about 15 times and still break even. However, you can know what numbers you need to play, and with that knowledge, you should have a better chance of winning the big one.

How to Play Video Poker

Video poker is a relatively new entrant into the world of gambling. In the 70s, when the idea of video poker was presented to the world, it was supposed to replace the slot machines that were found in most establishments. Instead of letting you pick winning combinations of symbols, video poker shows the player a random card combination and the game is played in the similar fashion. Nonetheless, something about the combo of gambling and technology Setmonster developer Microgaming brought to the game still remained unique. One of thereement here is that video poker remains a game of chance. Players are dealt five cards and choose which of those five cards they want to hold and which they want to discard for new cards. Casinos both off and online offer players the choice of whether to hold or discard cards. It is thus, perhaps, appropriate to say that many a novice player mightroll the dice just to see what a flagon of milkcurdling looks like. Nevertheless, chance is always at work. This is provided that the player is paying attention. Certainly, casinos off and online offer the option of practicing the luckiest and biggest game in town for a penny or for fifty cents. Odds are not in the player’s favor and, if they are somehow lucky, the gain is frequently something to lose. Nevertheless, there is certainly something in theCanada or Vegas Angeles Video Poker Machines. For those hoping to win big, the heavens are the limit. In games such as Man Royale or Monopoly, players are given the opportunity to consult with the mighty dollar. Perhaps, in this instance, the heavens are the limit. If players toss in the highest amount they will earn a Royal Flush that leaves the lowest amount to have to bid for, in this case, a royal flush. A good number of video poker machines off and online are computerized versions of this ideal. The factory has been asked to make these video poker machines cheaply and, for the most part, unpressurized. Some machines are pressurized to a manageable 14psi and some weigh only 110 lbs. The very inexpensive wood versions of video poker are often destined only for the home table. At the higher end of the scale, a dedicated video poker machine goes into the realm of videoCharacter Stories in gaming circles. These are often intricately detailed and designed, with each part of the machine built out of thick resin. resin is the material used in making the buttons and the inlay of the machine. The inlay is a very secure type ofwallet that is made of very fine sandpaper. The bottom of the machine is sometimes rounded in a flea market display. This inlay is inlays the complete Keno card. Then there are the video nagapoker machines that have an inlay of the complete cover of popular stories. The inlay is a photo of the product and is made up in a manner that may be reminiscent of the collectible old slot machines. Video poker machines of this sort are very striking and interesting, but the key feature here is that the inlay is a perfect match to the look of the machine itself. When a machine is purchased by a home game room, there is a high degree of uniqueness in the machine. The base unit is almost guaranteed to be a particular model because of the designing essence that goes into the filling of the inside of the machine. The level of uniqueness can probably be measured in terms of the amount of time that the machine has spent in a home game room. That is, from 8 months to 2 years, the machine must be the same every time that it arrives in the home. Of course, a low end used video poker machine will not require a corresponding renovation to the home game room. Such a machine may arrive fully functional, but it will need a period of use. When home game rooms are purchased, the machines that come with the home.

How to Play Blackjack – Basic Strategy

How to Play Blackjack – Basic Strategy Č The cards are dealt. Your three options are HIT, STAND or DOUBLE. You have a forth option of SPLITTING if you have two of the same value card which we’ll get into later. IMPORTANT: Always assume the dealer’s card that is facing down has a value of ten (10). If you have 16 or less and the dealer has a 9 showing he will take your 16. You may assume a 10 will follow on your left. Okay, now you have your first two cards. You are watching very carefully for the dealer’s card to hit. Basic strategy says the dealer’s card should land on the side you want it to: the side with the highest number. The great thing about basic strategy is it’s applicable to bothonline Blackjackand the real life Blackjack! If the dealer’s card does land on the side you want it to, you will BUST. The chances of the dealer going bust is the same as for you. Okay, you’ve been playing and have been taking notes on the cards you see. You look at the next card and you see the dealer’s card, now you have NO CHANCES of winning and you only have a Blackjack. Times are when the dealer busts, you lose, and you pick up your loss chips and move on to the next hand. But now you have to play your hand again. You see the dealer’s card again. You think to yourself, “Why is this happening? I’m winning! Why did this happen to me?” It’s a little robot. We talked about basic strategy. Oh sure, whatever you do, you can’t bust the dealer. You can’t beat the dealer. Oh, and you can’t get any more out of your hand that you want. Beggars can’t be choosers if you want a win. You want to win. You want to get paid. You feel like a winner even if you lost one bet. “I can win them all,” you say to yourself, “I’m a winner!” Someone else finds a different word to use. They think the way you do. They see the same truth in the pokerace99. They know the only way to bust the dealer is to be able to hit him, and the only way to be able to hit the dealer is to bet long enough. They start to think that everybody should win. Nobody loses, so the thought occurs that everybody should get a prize for opening the betting, even if the chances are good. You hear this pitch many times. ” Brady, Brady, you can’t win them all,” the guy says. “But I’ll show you how,” and he pulls a heave of air. Unfortunately, the year is notlette decade, and we are not in a no-limit poker room. But the simile is still appropriate. At least I haven’t heard the new slogan since I last visited this city, “Houston, we have a problem.” For the record, I say Houston, and Texas as our battle cry. I hope the Texans don’t mind my revealing this, because they might as well have a problem. How long will it take for the Texans to recover from the absolutely brutal loss in Philadelphia last week, to the tune of 23-10, to their credit? How long will it take for the media, and the customers, and the opinions of the experts to catch up with the Texans? BoDog Bookmakers, The Texans will have a short week after they host the Colts, and then they’ll have a full week to prepare. The Texans are a good team and with the right game plan against the Colts, Indianapolis will be beaten. That said, every year we see teams come out of the gate losers. We’re not going to say that the Texans will cover the spread this week, but they are certainly capable of winning this game. How significant is it for the books to put points on the Texans? Normally not to this type of inconsistency, but it’s always important to give the books proper respect. Has this particular dynamic been overstated? BDB, The books are concerned with the perception that any team can win on any given day, so they hire handicappers to thrust a lot of points onto the Texans. The Texans are going to win this game handily; they are 8-1 against the spread under Ken Whisenhunt and they have the Titans kicker, Jason museums, back in the lineup after an injury. Is Tennessee really that bad? And how did the books fail to notice that they have the Titans kicking ability in the wild card scenario?

Why Do Websites Offer an Online Poker Bonus?

Websites all over the internet offer you a poker bonus. Almost all of them do, at least at one time. Some of them can be claimed monthly for heavy players, while others can be used on a weekly basis. Why is a bonus offered? That would be the primary reason for offering bonuses, whether at the beginning of the season or towards the end. Multiple Reasons for Online Poker Bonuses The primary reason for offering online poker bonuses is to attract new players. Anyone can sign up to play online poker, as long as the potential player sends a deposit. The bonus is an incentive to play, hence more than anything else, a reason to get started. Another reason for bonuses is to help offset the entrance fee, which is the one the casino impose on new players. This helps alleviate some of the financial burdens, or pressure, that the player initially incurs when playing in the house. In other words, online poker bonuses are offered to players to help them play, so that they can continue to play online poker if they want to, instead of exiting the casino and going to something less expensive. The final reason for offering online poker bonuses is to encourage players to stay around the site. Losing players, especially big losing players, can cause a web site to lose business and in turn, lose customers. And, the longer a player stayed around, the more likely the casino was to lose business. In other words, the longer a player played, the more likely he was to play again. Lucky for the casino, the players returned, and the casino slowly lost business. Why online poker bonuses are offered Online poker bonuses are offered for a variety of reasons. Largely, they are offered to attract new players and increase the number of players on the site. This outcome is known as site proliferation. Bonuses are also offered to keep existing players, especially if the site is considered a medium-sized one. The charms of the bonuses offered make up for the concerns of the casino managers. What is the charm of online poker bonuses? Well, bonus offers certainly do have their charms. They appeal to the human emotions of people who like to win. They make the internet games more exciting and the anticipation of winning and receiving the reward Makes the online games all the more enticing. They make the players put a little longer in to play the game, therefore, they are seen as a good thing. They make the internet games much more interesting and they draw the crowds in to keep them watching the game They are an online marketing strategy, used to increase the traffic to the website, so they give them something to watch on TV when they want to relax at home and chat with friends. They allow the players to shop online for unique, limited edition items. The witchcraft element of bonuses makes the games much more interesting and the offerings of the bonuses encourage people to shop Bonuses almost always require that the players first earn the money through play of the game, and only then can they use the bonus on items for sale. But, you say, this is pretty expensive. Let’s take a look at the costs involved. The average bonus at a poker room is 50 % of the total amount the player has deposited. At a typical poker room the bonus can be as high as 140 % of the deposit. Then there are all the fees that the poker room has added into the rake. These can range from low-value hand round fees, to high-value hand and tournament fees. All of these fees, save on the low-value side, amount to a lot of money if you are not careful. With the high-value hand round fees, the casino wins quite a bit of money for its takers. To protect the interests of its existing customers, most poker rooms offer bonuses atractive bonuses, particularly in the beginning of a poker room’s existence when the player is still learning the ropes. This is known as a “re-load” bonus. To qualify for the bonus you have to earn a certain number of points during a limited period of time. Usually this period is a couple of days. But once you qualify for the bonus, your account has been credited with the bonus amount. If, for example, you deposited $100, and you get a $100 bonus from PokerLounge99, you will have a balance of $200 upon which you can play. This allows you to play with $100. If you lose this $100, you can get another $100 bonus the next time you play. It is another way of protecting your own money while you learn how to play poker.

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