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Why Do Websites Offer an Online Poker Bonus

Why Do Websites Offer an Online Poker Bonus?

Websites all over the internet offer you a poker bonus. Almost all of them do, at least at one time. Some of them can be claimed monthly for heavy players, while others can be used on a weekly basis.

Why is a bonus offered? That would be the primary reason for offering bonuses, whether at the beginning of the season or towards the end.

Multiple Reasons for Online Poker Bonuses

The primary reason for offering online poker bonuses is to attract new players. Anyone can sign up to play online poker, as long as the potential player sends a deposit. The bonus is an incentive to play, hence more than anything else, a reason to get started.

Another reason for bonuses is to help offset the entrance fee, which is the one the casino impose on new players. This helps alleviate some of the financial burdens, or pressure, that the player initially incurs when playing in the house. In other words, online poker bonuses are offered to players to help them play, so that they can continue to play online poker if they want to, instead of exiting the casino and going to something less expensive.

The final reason for offering online poker bonuses is to encourage players to stay around the site. Losing players, especially big losing players, can cause a web site to lose business and in turn, lose customers. And, the longer a player stayed around, the more likely the casino was to lose business. In other words, the longer a player played, the more likely he was to play again. Lucky for the casino, the players returned, and the casino slowly lost business.

Why online poker bonuses are offered

Online poker bonuses are offered for a variety of reasons. Largely, they are offered to attract new players and increase the number of players on the site. This outcome is known as site proliferation. Bonuses are also offered to keep existing players, especially if the site is considered a medium-sized one. The charms of the bonuses offered make up for the concerns of the casino managers.

What is the charm of online poker bonuses?

Well, bonus offers certainly do have their charms. They appeal to the human emotions of people who like to win. They make the internet games more exciting and the anticipation of winning and receiving the reward Makes the online games all the more enticing.

They make the players put a little longer in to play the game, therefore, they are seen as a good thing. They make the internet games much more interesting and they draw the crowds in to keep them watching the game

They are an online marketing strategy, used to increase the traffic to the website, so they give them something to watch on TV when they want to relax at home and chat with friends.

They allow the players to shop online for unique, limited edition items. The witchcraft element of bonuses makes the games much more interesting and the offerings of the bonuses encourage people to shop

Bonuses almost always require that the players first earn the money through play of the game, and only then can they use the bonus on items for sale.

But, you say, this is pretty expensive. Let’s take a look at the costs involved. The average bonus at a poker room is 50 % of the total amount the player has deposited. At a typical poker room the bonus can be as high as 140 % of the deposit. Then there are all the fees that the poker room has added into the rake. These can range from low-value hand round fees, to high-value hand and tournament fees. All of these fees, save on the low-value side, amount to a lot of money if you are not careful. With the high-value hand round fees, the casino wins quite a bit of money for its takers.

To protect the interests of its existing customers, most poker rooms offer bonuses atractive bonuses, particularly in the beginning of a poker room’s existence when the player is still learning the ropes. This is known as a “re-load” bonus.

To qualify for the bonus you have to earn a certain number of points during a limited period of time. Usually this period is a couple of days. But once you qualify for the bonus, your account has been credited with the bonus amount.

If, for example, you deposited $100, and you get a $100 bonus from PokerLounge99, you will have a balance of $200 upon which you can play. This allows you to play with $100. If you lose this $100, you can get another $100 bonus the next time you play. It is another way of protecting your own money while you learn how to play poker.

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