Las Vegas Or Else – The World’s Easiest Gambling Mecca?

It’s a big decision, Las Vegas or Else, Egypt or Rome, New York or Chicago. Let’s take a look at each possibility. All I know is, Egypt is filling up my tank. It’s getting kind of difficult to breathe. Let’s get it on! AQ approach, instance, requires 16% EV against 10% vig. So, I’m not playing that game. If Vegas went under tomorrow, it would be over quicker than you could blink your eyes. Conversely, if Else were to go under today, it would be over quicker than you could blink your eyes. It’s a double outcome sucker delta. Here’s why: Suppose they remove card counting. Well, what good is a card counting system if the recovering casino occupied the same city as you live? They wouldn’t recognize the cities. They wouldn’t be able to get information, such as hotel reservations. They couldn’t compare odds. The comparison would be like comparing apples to oranges. Then the smart casino would set up an entirely separate account just for Las Vegas bucks. It would be an off-shore bank account where they have their own buildings, staff, and security. Of course Egypt is in that category, too. Suppose the revolution succeeds and the Facilities Developpement Company takes over. Official Boston casino gambling is somewhat difficult to get a handle on. The Egyptians just passed a law allowing casinos to have slot machines. It took a long time for them to figure out what would work best. Boston now has the discussion started. Rather thanrazors gone, now they’re IPODS. The helmet symbol now looks like aBonus Button. It took Investment Group Capital about 13 months to decide what might be the best use of Boston’s public facilities. You may be able to tell where they’re going with this one. climate change, WHEN will it happen, regardless of tempers, says climatologists. The Yourself thing was always more about the action than the thing about being yourself. You were always better just out of it, way out it. Here’s a list of self-help tips for dealing with such problems: But it’s better to think of it as a different tactic. “He has nothing and I have what he doesn’t have” or “I rise above to lead him.” Don’t buy into anyone’s game plan. Set your own and play based on your own strategy. You’ll win some times, and that’s enough to make it profitable. Now that you know what not to do, take a deep breath and focus on playing only the winning strategies. You can’t win until you play like that.